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Blah Blah

Why is there a crumpled up newspaper full of uneaten candy in my bathroom trash? I mean I get someone wants to throw it out, but why did it makes its way into the bathroom? I don't understand my family, I really don't.

I know I've basically been MIA. I've pretty much moved over to my own blog, http://cassykinsvstheworld.blogspot.com/. Warning, it is mostly a makeup-centric blog. If you're a manly man (not a muppet of a man, perhaps a very manly muppet) you will not want click that link.

This journal will still be used for browsing LJ communities, though, as well as posting random short thoughts that wouldn't make a good blog post. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. :)

This old dog learned a new trick today

Apparently if one says, "excuse me," it means you can then just push your way through (because you're POLITELY pushing your way through) I am quite sure the next step would be they would have asked to borrow my wallet and then robbed me (again ok because they DID ask) I freaking hate the casino...
Turned on Goblet of Fire just in time to see Cedric die. Possibly one of my favorite parts in the series. Another was from the latest movie, but I won't spoil for those who are yet to see it.

My hair smells nice

There's a serving of fruit in an appletini, right?

I am not a hipster

Matt and I agreed yesterday that we both don't like poetry. It's nice to find another thing in common since there is so much we -don't- have the same views on. That said, I need to go lay very still again. Too much Olive Garden. I don't even want to think about when I'll be eating the leftovers that came home with me...
and it wasn't even that bad! Good going Lizzie McGuire.

I'm tired of being sick (or whatever it is that I am) I don't feel sick, but I keep coughing. It's annoying. And I cough like Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. Imagine being around that for 3 days and you'll see why I'm ready to smother myself with a pillow.

btw - lady at Stop and Shop who read the ice cream for 20 minutes and would not move out of my way... I hope you get whatever it is that I have now and are miserable. All I wanted was some raspberry sorbet and to get home, but no. I had to watch you with your face in the freezer reading every. single. carton. I even tried to excuse my way into the freezer once you seemed to move to the next, but you made a quick move to block me and started reading the same cartons again. If you want, I have a nice book by Hilary Duff. Read that instead.

Dear The Government Sir and/or Madam

I fail to see why I just paid tax on the ravioli I bought for my brother and I to eat for dinner, because it's not a "necessary" foodstuff, yet I did not pay tax on the 10 pairs of underwear I bought an hour before that. Who the heck NEEDS 10 pairs of underwear?? I only bought them because it was the same price to buy 4 or buy 10. For serious, though.

Game Day

Happy Puppy Bowl VII everyone! As per usual, everyone else in the house is watching football and I am watching puppies. Who is the loser in all this? Well obviously the Steelers, because they have one strike against them not being cute puppies and another strike because they are not related to delicious delicious cheese like the other team.

Lesson Learned

Never go to the bottle return room in the middle of the weekday, that's when the crazies come out. Between the homeless man stealing my recyclables (which I feel bad for the guy, but he doesn't need to be stealing from me) and the man who was smoking a pipe inside the return room which made me feel sick and headachey (not to mention I think it's illegal to do so), I have learned my lesson. Yeah I made like $17 today, but probably not worth it.

I'm on vacation from work this week and so far am doing nada today and tomorrow's plans look like they will be hindered by the next round of snow. I still can't back out of my driveway without crashing into the 4 foot snow walls on either side... not sure what we will do with MORE. Maybe I will just build snowmen with myself all day.